When I was 16 years old, my dream was to run an orphanage somewhere in Asia. But being artistic and practical, I became a graphic designer instead. Nine years later, I have combined my two passions, focusing my agency experience into helping causes, both for and not-for profit, look better and connect with a wider audience.

I’m moving to Thailand for six months!

In my pursuit to marry design to charity work, I will be working with a nonprofit called The SOLD Project in Chiang Rai. SOLD protects children from the sex industry, not by rescuing, but by providing scholarships to help students become educated and finish school.

I will be teaching an art therapy class to students from 12-20. I will also help develop SOLD’s silk worm sustainability program, assist with marketing efforts, create websites, photograph the journey, and maybe even teach a little kickboxing!

But I will have plenty of time for freelancing, so if you need help with your project, feel free to contact me!

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